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Satoshi GOTO
Director, Ambient SoC laboratories
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University

Designed Chip

In our laboratory, a state-of-the-art technology of system LSI design has been developed and world-top-level research has been performed.

Specifically, the following three topics are actively
under development.

  1. Research of ultra-low power consumption media processing

    We developed new technologies in multiple ways such as method, algorithm, and the circuit design technology. The technology that will achieve the power saving of 1/100 has been developed under CREST project as an integration system including the video coding, compression/decoding, and cryptology.

  2. Research of system LSI design technology

    Video/Image processing SoC design technique, the prototyping verification technology, the prototyping floor plan design technology, the power supply circuit design technology for the nonvolatile memory, and the high frequency analogue design technology are main research subjects.

  3. Research of car electronics

    The world leading system LSI, as the key to next generation's car electronics, has been studied by exploiting the wireless and multimedia technology, and a new LSI design methodology has been developed in our laboratory.

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