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Security and Safety Laboratories

Director, Security and Safety Laboratories
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University


Safety and security laboratories proceed research and development to create a computer vision and computer graphics technologies including face authentication system, criminal investigation assistance interface, car driver support system in order to realize a safe society.

Especially our research topics are focusing on modeling of personal characteristics in body, voice, facial expression and simulation of aging face which contribute both CG animation and ID system. Currently we develop a face expression synthesis system in which a present face is estimated by past portrait automatically with considering statistical personal growing process in bone of the skull and face surface texture.

To make the performance of face aging simulation more accurately, we are correcting huge aging face database including the same person's growing process and analyzing the mechanism of aging process in each personal category. Our final goal is construction of automatic face authentication system normalizing an aging factor in which personal feature can be identified only by the old portrait without updating database. As a result, our system contributes to generate a safe and secure society.

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