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Research Institute of Information Technology in Education

Shigeki GOTO
Director, Research Institute of Information Technology in Education
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University

The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi
This research institute does research on new roles of education in information and international society. Our research covers the use of ICT in elementary, secondary, higher, and adult education, human resource development methods suitable for the global economy, and international standardization in education and training field.

Now a large number of workers cross country borders. Many countries discuss the ways in which human resource development methods can respond to that reality. We conducted research on human resource development methods in cooperation with business community, academia, and relevant government ministries. Based on the research results, we aim to propose effective models of global human resource development using ICT, especially focusing on the following themes.

  • Learning record database that promotes efficient human resource development

  • Systemization and standardization of human resource development programs

  • Evaluation of learner’s achievement

  • Quality assurance of professional development programs

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